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Rapoker Reseña, Opiniones, Métodos De Pago Y Juegos 2022

Rapoker Reseña, Opiniones, Métodos De Pago Y Juegos 2022 – For decades, Santa Fe has been marked by the murderous violence of the drug industry. Now, another story comes true. This year’s undercover game has rocked the police and courts in recent years as it is believed to be based on a system of bribery in various sectors. The change is surprising: Historically, timba was considered a minor evil, the result of criminal activity. In Rosario, this led to the arrest of two suspects – one of whom was the head of his accomplices – and to the arrest of uniformed officers in Pearl, west of Santa Fe. Some research has been lost since the similarity was identified, but at least one stands out in an extraordinary way: David Alejandro Itati Perona, a resident of Rafaela, known as the “King of the Secret Gambling”, whose house last Sunday The death below was to arrest. After coronavirus.

Considered the dirty business of millions, highly placed sources of security agencies think about the secrets of the tomb that Perona took to the grave. They believe that Perona, before losing his life, was thinking of trying his last step: giving the recipe sales to the press to save himself. He died in the local hospital Jaime Ferré de Rafaela, aged only 42: the fat he had was considered an acceleration of the disease, which, for many, put him under house arrest.

Rapoker Reseña, Opiniones, Métodos De Pago Y Juegos 2022

Rapoker Reseña, Opiniones, Métodos De Pago Y Juegos 2022

Perona, with a passion for wearing a gold chain to his dog, started the business after becoming a top poker player. According to the website Poker10la, his most significant event was a heads up in the Super High Roller at the Casino in the Capital of Santa Fe.

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He has won various tournaments, some in Rosario’s Casino City Center, outside and via the Internet.

On his own Facebook he posted comments about poker, where he asked a user about a casino if he had “nothing” while he was going out with people he was standing at a hotel. and his friends like him. Go to the residences.

Rafaela and the “king” in Rosario were accused of a secret game by prosecutors Martin Castellano, Matias Ederi and Luis Schiappa Pietra. He was arrested in early August and has been kept in prison because of his health problem, which is obesity (he weighs 270 kg). According to these investigations, initially with money from gambling tables, he began borrowing and later built four illegal gambling halls in Pearl, west of Santa Fe. Later, it spread to nearby areas such as Sunchels, where it is believed that it added two “garritos”, and then to Ramona, where it established an office.

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In addition to the fact that his source of income is secret betting and his involvement in poker, his economic base is trying to get into a clothing business and a maxi kiosk, where, as judged, a secret betting house. The search was done. Amazingly, their registration dates with the AFIP are in both places since the middle of this year.

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“Gordo” Perona is serving prison time in a house in Sergento Cabral and Santa Fe, in the center of Rafaela, where a special operation was carried out to take him to the hospital because of his 270 kg weight. Probate vehicles and real estate owned in the name of third parties; right now

He was in a relationship with Lorena Córdoba, who was accused in a gang case in the city of Santa Fe.

Sometimes it says “king”. He testified at the Rafaela hearings about at least 2017, investigating his gambling dens. Since then, in order to do so, the judge has placed a defense logistics with the senior police of Regional Unit V. It is believed to have originated with

Rapoker Reseña, Opiniones, Métodos De Pago Y Juegos 2022

Monthly payment of 120 thousand pesos and now this number has increased to 300 thousand.

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The high sums that Perona paid high-ranking officials was not just a cover-up, according to the judge; If a trial starts against him, they have to tell him. For this reason, he told the Rafaela prosecutor’s office that they delayed the prosecution of him for illegal gambling. The situation is linked to criticism from Security Minister Marcelo Sen against the prosecutor who launched the investigation, Martin Castellano.

One of the attention-grabbing matters of the Perona casino is the graffiti on the facade that says “Casino David Perona”. What was expected was an escape from those who asked him for money.

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Perona’s name is associated with Leonardo Petti, a heavy hitter in the game in the country. Petty is the owner of a legal casino and one that is considered illegal, and has been accused of belonging to an organization dedicated to the extortion of clandestine gambling in Rosario. During that trial, he said “I’m sorry” and led the prosecution and arrest of former accusers Patricio Sergel – who was the local prosecutor – and Gustavo Ponce Ashad.

Luck was on his side. Petty won the Renault KWID at St.Louis. Vincent’s Real Bingo Brown this year. That vehicle was seized in Rosario on a tip involving a business owner in the Fisherton community. After investigation by the Public Prosecutor’s Office (MPA), it was found that the car had been used by Peti’s men.

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There is a group on the second floor. The link between Perona and Peti survived and was presented as evidence that the “secret gambling king” used Peti’s platforms in his gambling dens.

In the courts, the “King” tried to make amends: a photo of the accused associate was admitted into Raffaella’s legal case, where he explained the nature of his independent business. In this context, he told the names of those policemen who had given bribe, passing through district fifth of that city. That city’s prosecutor’s office was able to corroborate evidence with some of those names and order searches and arrests.

The policemen who have fallen so far are José Pérez, former deputy chief of the provincial police; Juan Pablo Bengochia, former head of Regional Unit V; and managers Fabian Forni and Javier Gorosito. In addition, Flavio Aranda was arrested, who at the time of his arrest was working as a land surveyor in the northern region of Rosario.

Rapoker Reseña, Opiniones, Métodos De Pago Y Juegos 2022

Perona’s move to Rafaela is supposed to declare “repentance” and then to go to a small trial which is shorter than he initially expected. West of Santa Fe, talks have taken place between his defenders and that city’s prosecutor’s office, but work has not moved forward.

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In Rafaela’s case, she was accused of organizing a clandestine gambling house and is due to be sentenced via a summary trial. Meanwhile, in Rosario he is going into an oral and public trial after being accused by the police, Maximiliano “Cachete” Díaz (partner of Ariel “Guile” Cantero, leader of Los Monos) and retired police officer Alejandro “O Pipi” Torrici. . who was in charge of organizing the gambling dens and collecting money in the rooms.

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The “King of the Secret Game” of Santa Fe died of the coronavirus: millions accompanied him to the grave.

“If there is no money, then there are bullets”: who is “Cachete” Diaz, the terrorist of Los Monos and master of casino attacks.

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